Hardship Letter Examples

   Subsidized Rent Increase Hardship Letter

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Rural Development Servicing Official


To Whom It May Concern:

I received your notice that my rent will increase from {$XXX} to {$XXX}, retroactive to {date}.

A rent increase of that amount will cause me great hardship. I have a fixed income because I am on Social Security.

I am {age} and my out-of-pocket expenses have increased greatly due to medical needs. Much of the money I receive goes toward {expense such as over-the-counter diabetic supplies, eye drops, denture care, incontinence supplies}, and other things not covered by Medicare or Medi-Cal.

I am able to pay the current rent amount of {$XXX} per month. I therefore request that you agree to this lesser amount.

Additionally, I was notified earlier this month that my rent had been miscalculated and that I owe back rent in the amount of {$XXX}. I believe that I should not have to pay this amount, because the error was not mine, and because it will cause even more undue hardship.

As current and past property managers are aware, I have always paid my rent promptly and been a good tenant since I moved into {Apartment Complex} in {year}, nearly {number} years ago.


{Sender Name}

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