Hardship Letter Examples

   Utilities Deposit Hardship Letter

{Phone #}


Dear {utility company}:

I am writing to request that you waive the deposit requirement and restore my {water/power/garbage} service in good faith.

Please take a moment to look over my account. I have been a customer in good standing for {number} years with no late payments whatsoever. I only got behind due to {medical emergency/family matter}.

I have now made the payments necessary to become current on my bill. To pay a {amount} deposit on top of that would create an extreme hardship for my family. However, we cannot do without {water/power/garbage} service. My {friend/relative} has agreed to sign a letter of guarantee on my behalf and I have enclosed that here.

Thank you very much for your consideration in relaxing this rule due to my special circumstance. I have {recovered from setback} and promise you that I will make all future payments in a timely manner.


{Sender Name}

Attached: letter of guarantee

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