Hardship Letter Examples

   Testing Accommodations Request College

Dear {faculty}:

The purpose of this letter is to confidentially inform you that {Student Name} has a documented disability and is registered with {campus disability office name}. Thus, they are entitled to reasonable academic adjustments under federal law.

In the case of {Student Name}, our office recommends {extended time/a separate testing room/large print test forms/front-row seat/use of a computer/assistive technology/a proctor or reader/note-taking assistance/etc.}.

Additionally, {consideration for absences and other issues}. It would also be helpful if you were mindful to {speak while facing the class/repeat students’ questions before answering/etc.}.

Thank you for making the needed academic adjustments. {Student Name} should be graded under the usual standards for {College Name} students.

Your help in making {College Name} an inclusive environmental for all is greatly appreciated.


{Student Disability Center staff or similar}

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