Hardship Letter Examples

   School Supplies Hardship Letter

Dear {teacher/administrator},

Please don't let my child, {Name}, know that I am writing this letter. {He/she} is too embarrassed to tell you this in front of the class, but we recently experienced a great hardship in that {situation}. As a result, we are not currently able to afford all of the requested supplies on the list. I've been able to procure {items} but haven't had any luck coming up with an affordable {item}.

Might you have a spare {item} for {Name} to borrow for the school year? If so, could you please discreetly advise me on how to get it to him. In past years, before {hardship}, we donated extra items to needy students and now the shoe is on the other foot.

Thank you so much for your compassion in this sensitive matter. I can be reached at {contact}.

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