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   School Restroom Use Hardship Letter

{Phone #}


Dear {principal/teacher/nurse}:

I am writing to reiterate that it is essential, due to Type 1 Diabetes, that my child {Name} have on-demand access to the restroom.

I was deeply discouraged by the incident that occurred on {date}. {Name's} blood sugar was high, and thus {he/she} was discreetly consuming water at {his/her} desk after self-treating the low via insulin pump. Subsequently, {Name} was denied a restroom visit by {teacher/staff/administrator}. This resulted in {detrimental effect}. While we have had no trouble at school regarding access to water, snacks/juice, or blood glucose testing supplies, it's clear that I need to again point out that restroom access is a medical need separate and apart from treating low or high blood sugar. It is also outlined in {Name's} Section 504 Plan and covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

I have attached a note from {Name's} endocrinologist, Dr. {Name} addressing the restroom issue specifically. Also please refer to the Section 504 Plan and Diabetes Medical Management Plan already on file at the school office.

T1D is a chronic autoimmune disease, and without constant management it can result in hypoglycemia, hospitalization, and even death. Please contact me at your earliest convenience regarding your plan to ensure that everyone at the school is on board with keeping {Name} safe.


{Sender Name}

attached: note from Dr. {Name}.

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