Hardship Letter Examples

   Restaurant Rent Pandemic Hardship Letter

Dear {landlord}:

Unfortunately, I won't be able to make my full rent payment again this month. The restaurant is still only clearing {amount}. My staff and I have pivoted as best we can with takeout and delivery, but it's not enough to compensate not offering indoor dining during the pandemic. We don't want to risk the safety of our staff and the community at large and would feel that way even if the government restrictions weren't in place.

Other local restaurant owners tell me they are having the same experience. However, unlike me, some of them have been able to secure Paycheck Protection Program and other business loans.

I've enclosed a check for {amount}, and even that was a stretch.

I appreciate your continued patience during these unprecedented times. After {number} years in this location, it would be a shame to have to shutter due to temporary financial issues.

I look forward to hearing from you and am open to creative suggestions moving forward.

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