Hardship Letter Examples

   Rental Lease Pet Fee Waiver Request

Dear {landlord}:

I’m excited to be moving into {complex/unit/etc.} on {date}. I’ve sent along the deposit of {amount} via {check/money order/electronic transfer} as well as first month’s rent in the amount of {amount}.

I’m writing to ask if you would consider waiving or reducing the pet deposit. My {cat/dog/bearded dragon/etc.} is a {service/assistance} animal rather than a typical household pet. I am aware that under the Fair Housing Act, property owners and managers are still able to assess a refundable security deposit, and it is in this area that I am hoping for flexibility.

I can provide references from former landlords attesting that no damage was done by {Animal Name}. I can also get a note from {my doctor/a veterinarian/an animal behaviorist}.

While I am confident that I will have no trouble paying the rent each month, the process of moving, along with {other factors}, has created a financial hardship. Any grace that you can offer in regard to this security deposit would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your consideration.



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