Hardship Letter Examples

   Rental Lease Pet Exception Request

Dear {landlord}:

I’ve greatly enjoyed living in {building or property name} for the past {time period}. I hope you’ll agree that I’ve been a model tenant, including always paying my rent on time, keeping the unit in top condition, and {other things}.

I’m writing to you now to request an exception to the property pet policy. I’ve read over the lease, and it seems that the {dog/cats/etc.} that I’m planning to adopt {exceed the number allowed/are over the weight limited/are of a listed breed/etc.}.

My situation is unusual. I need this animal for {medical/emotional/compassionate rescue} reasons. {Elaborate}. It would create such a hardship for me that I would need to move.

I give you my most wholehearted promise that if you grant this exception, I will continue to keep the property in excellent condition, and my pet will never pose an issue to you or tenants because {reason}.

I would be happy to pay an additional deposit, or discuss other options with you. I can also secure a {note from doctor/trainer/animal behavior expert}. Thank you in advance for your flexibility and understanding.



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