Hardship Letter Examples

   Reduction In Work Hours Hardship Letter

{Phone #}


Dear {representative}:

I have experienced hardship of a reduction in work hours and am writing to request that I make lower payments toward my {mortgage/credit card/car loan/etc.} until my financial situation stabilizes.

When I signed the loan {time period}, I made the financial commitment with an income based on a full 40-hour work week. While I remain dedicated to paying off the {house/car/bill}, it will take some time for me to {find a new job/find a second job/establish my freelancing career}. I would greatly appreciate your patience as I anticipate it will take {time period} before I'm able to make full payments. In the meantime, I'm hoping you will accept payments of {amount}. This would be greatly preferable to me defaulting on the loan.

I have enclosed documentation from my employer explaining the reduction in work hours and reason for it, as well as my pay stubs going back {time period}.

Thank you in advance for your flexibility in this matter.


{Sender Name}

Enclosures: statement from employer, pay stubs

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