Hardship Letter Examples

   Property Maintenance Hardship Letter

{Phone #}


Dear {neighbor/home owners association}:

I was too embarrassed to bring this up during our {conversation/HOA board meeting} the other day.

The condition of my {lawn/driveway/etc.} is not due to laziness or lack of will on my part. I have suffered a financial setback due to {incident/situation} and cannot spare the money it would take to bring my home back to its former glory. Additionally, I have been {busy/sick/working overtime/injured}.

I am mortified that my financial situation has spiraled to this point. I also recognize that with this setback has come some level of personal discouragement or even depression. I'm not the type of person who relishes asking for help, but would be open to ideas as to how I might begin to tackle what has become an overwhelming task. Perhaps {share tools/have a work day/etc.}.

Thank you for any understanding and patience you can extend me as I get back on my feet. My goal is to return the property to a condition and appearance befitting our neighborhood.


{Sender Name}

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