Hardship Letter Examples

   Prison Hardship Transfer Request Closer To Home

Dear {Classification and Parole Representative}:

I writing to respectfully urge you to consider a hardship transfer for {Name}, inmate {number} at {Prison Name}. I am their {relative}, and traveling {distance} to visit them is taking an emotional and financial toll on our family.

{Name} is incarcerated for the crime of {crime}, for which they are deeply remorseful. However, they could serve their debt to society at a prison of the same security level located closer to us such as {Prison Name examples}.

Additionally, being closer to family would lift {Name}’s spirits and reduce the chances of negative incidents during incarceration, or recidivism after release. {Name} is proud to have exhibited good behavior in prison, with {no/little} rule-breaking.

I have attached receipts for gas, hotel, and other expenses we incur on an ongoing basis. Also, I’ve included copies of pay stubs for myself and {relative} indicating lost wages. We have also had to pull the children out of school for visits, which impacts their learning.

Thank you for your consideration. I am available at {contact} if you have further questions.



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