Hardship Letter Examples

   Power Bill Hardship Letter

{Phone #}


Dear {agency}:

I am seeking short-term assistance with my power bill. The high charges over the summer months were just too much to bear and my account with {utility company} is {amount} in arrears; I am in risk of having my gas and electricity turned off.

As I'm sure you know, this summer was exceptionally hot, with temperatures reaching {degrees} on {many days}. The temperature inside my house was well over {degrees} on several days. I could have possibly managed without running the cooler, but my {mother/child/etc.} is in poor health and could not tolerate this extreme heat.

I was expecting a higher bill and tried to budget for it, but as my income is only {amount}, and with {additional circumstance}, it was simply impossible to absorb a {doubling/tripling/etc.} of my bill.

I have made partial payments of {amount}, but {utility company} cannot accommodate further delays and informed me of your program.

I look forward to hearing your decision; I truly have few if any other options.


{Sender Name}

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