Hardship Letter Examples

   Medical Insurance Appeal Letter

{Phone #}


Dear {representative}:

I was shocked and dismayed to receive notice on {date} that {insurance company} denied payment for {procedure}. I've received a bill from {physician/medical center} for {amount}. I cannot pay this.

Before consenting to {procedure}, I contacted your company to ensure that the doctor and facility were in-network. In an abundance of caution, I also obtained the "code" for the procedure. Nevertheless, the denial letter states that {procedure} was not covered due to {reason}.

This is egregious and unacceptable. I did my due diligence and now the entire financial wellbeing of my family, not to mention future heath care for {condition}, is in jeopardy.

Please take all necessary steps to rectify this error. It is causing my family great stress at a time that we should be focused on recovery.


{Sender Name}

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