Hardship Letter Examples

   Lower Medical Treatment Cost Request

Dear {medical provider}:

Thank you so much for meeting with me and my {spouse/child/parent}. We are intrigued by your approach to {symptom/disease/condition}, and your proposed treatment plan gives us hope for the future.

Unfortunately, the quoted cost of {amount} per {visit/treatment/procedure} is beyond what our family can comfortably bear. Because of {circumstance}, our monthly income is {amount} while our bills and other basic expenses total {amount}.

We checked with our insurance company, and found that this course of treatment is {not covered/only minimally covered}.

Would it be possible to bring the cost down to {amount}? Alternatively, could we spread the payments out over {period of time}?

My {spouse/child/parent} is eager for the improvement that your treatment plan could bring, and the thought that we would have to pass up your expertise is terribly disheartening.



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