Hardship Letter Examples

   Late Payments Affecting Credit Score

Dear {creditor}:

I am writing to see if you have any suggestions that could help me in regard to my credit score. Due to a history of {number} late payments, my credit score has fallen to {number}. This score is not reflective of my financial ability to pay or my overall credit risk.

I got behind on payments due to {divorce/accident/illness/pandemic/natural disaster/executive dysfunction/etc.} The situation has now resolved to the point that I will no longer have an issue making payments on time. As you can see in your records, I am all caught up.

Since my account is now current, is there anything that can be done from your company’s side, as the creditor, to communicate to the credit bureaus that I am a borrower in good standing?

Thank you very much for any assistance you can provide in this matter.



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