Hardship Letter Examples

   Jury Duty Hardship Freelancer

Dear {jury commissioner}:

It is with regret that I must plead with the court to excuse me from jury service as scheduled on {date} due to extreme financial hardship.

I am sole proprietor of a {small business/freelance operation/etc.}. I have attached proof of self-employment, along with client contract information, so you can see that taking time off work would result in severe detriment to my income. I am also facing important and unmovable deadlines due to {time-sensitive situation}. If I do not meet these deadlines, I will lose clients, and thus my livelihood.

Moreover, I am {breadwinner/single parent/etc.}. There is no one else to provide for my family but me.

I would be happy to elaborate or provide further documentation if needed. Thank you very much for your consideration of my unusual circumstances.



attachments: proof of self-employment and client commitments

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