Hardship Letter Examples

   Insurance Cancellation Hardship Letter

{Phone #}


Dear {representative}:

I am in the fight of my life against {disease}. It is a fight in which the odds are statistically against me. It is a fight that demands my singular focus. Bizarrely, I must simultaneously wage a battle for preservation of my medical insurance benefits.

Throughout my debilitating treatment, the clock has been ticking. During radiation, the letters came: my job will be held for {time period} but I will lose my health benefits in {time period}. In a post-chemo fog, I opened another letter stating that {time period} is fast-approaching and I must either return to work or file for COBRA benefits. I cannot return to work at this time. Not only can I barely walk across my living room on bad days, {disease} legally bars me from driving until six months have passed since {my last seizure}. COBRA payments far exceed what I am receiving in short-term disability benefits; in fact, the {amount} payment quoted is {double our mortgage}.

I remain optimistic about my survival. And I have great faith in my fellow humans: several kind-hearted coworkers have graciously donated sick leave hours to me. Still, I fall short of the {threshold} required by {time period}.

I cannot overstate my sense of outrage and fear at the injustice and irony of losing my health coverage due to a health crisis.

Please fix this.


{Sender Name}

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