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   Immigration Hardship Letter Pregnancy

I am submitting this hardship letter to request that I be allowed to stay in {Immigration Country} as a citizen. My previous request was denied, but I would like to appeal that decision based on the fact that my wife is pregnant.

Being apart from my wife has already been terribly difficult for me, both emotionally and psychologically. She is {number} weeks along and it is vital to me that I am there to support and care for her as we await the birth of our first child. There is no way I could ask her to come to {Country of Origin} with me, because the rate of {infant mortality/birth defects/complications} is {amount} times higher there. I feel that I would be putting my unborn baby's life in danger, as well as my wife's.

Please reconsider my application. My family is my whole life, and it grieves me that I am not able to physically take part in the most important event of that life so far.

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