Hardship Letter Examples

   Home Loan Forbearance Request Pandemic

Dear {financial institution}:

I understand that your institution now has a forbearance program for home loans due to the coronavirus pandemic.

I am unable to pay my mortgage at this time due to {job loss/income reduction}. I would like to apply for forbearance. However, I have a few questions. Is it true that, after three months of no payments, a lump sum equal to the total payments, plus interest, will be due? That makes no sense to me. If I don't have {amount} now, I certainly won't have {amount} in three months. I have less money coming in, not more. I need these payments added to the tail end of my loan.

My account number is {number}.

I have enclosed documentation verifying my financial situation and illustrating that it is extremely unlikely to change within the next quarter.


{Sender Name}

Enclosures: {items}

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