Hardship Letter Examples

   Hardship Letter to Veterans Affairs

My name is {Name} and my case number is {number}. On {date}, I received a letter from Veterans Affairs notifying me that I had been overpaid and was being charged {monetary amount}. I would like to request a waiver based on extreme financial hardship.

I received the notice of overpayment and subsequent charges on {date}. However, the amount charged to me was paid as part of my benefits over the last {amount of time}. I have already spent the money on {necessary expenses}. If I am forced to pay back the amount, I will be forced to {consequences}.

I am attaching my payment stubs, receipts, {additional documentation of mortgage, medical bills, etc.} and bank account information to prove the full extent of my hardship. I will not be able to cope with a disparity this large in my finances.

Please consider the difficult situation that these circumstances have put me in when reviewing my case. Thank you for your consideration and understanding.

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