Hardship Letter Examples

   Hardship Letter to School

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to request a {fee/tuition reduction, reconsideration for my grades, removal of absence/incomplete, etc.}. I have been subject to severe {financial/medical/emotional} hardship over the last {amount of time} and I am struggling to meet my obligations.

Since {date}, I have been dealing with {unemployment/injury/health issues/divorce/child support}. It has taken a toll on me both emotionally and financially. The loss of {key support} was the direct cause of my inability to {meet financial requirement/come to class/make the grade}. I have worked very hard to make my situation viable for myself and the school, but this unforeseen difficulty had huge repercussions.

School is extremely important to me and I am dedicated to completing my degree in {amount of time}. I have always been a good student and I received {Scholarship Names} in order to help me pay my way through college. Unfortunately, my new circumstances may cause me to lose my funding, in which case I would be forced to drop out.

I have included written statements from my {doctor/therapist/lender/bank} confirming the severity of my situation. I have also outlined a {financial/academic} plan to prove that I am being as proactive as possible. I believe that I can put myself back on track {financially/academically}. I have included notes from several teachers describing the {improvement/quality} of my grades and my drive to succeed.

Thank you for your consideration.


{Sender Name}

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