Hardship Letter Examples

   Hardship Letter to Prevent Eviction

Dear {Name},

Thank you for notifying me of your intent to evict. I would like to take this time to request a suspension of eviction due to severe--but temporary--financial hardship.

I have always strived to be a good tenant. I have never been unduly loud, thrown wild parties, or damaged my rented property in any way. I always try to fix anything that breaks before requesting your help and, until recently, I have always paid my rent on time.

I understand that I have been {delinquent/late} on the last {number} months' rent. This has been due to {describe circumstances in detail}. Attached is {document verifying your problem}. Please note that while these problems have been devastating for my current finances, I have taken the appropriate steps to rectify the situation.

I recently {got a new job/received a scholarship/etc.} that will ensure that my rent is paid in a timely fashion from here on out. I would like to set up a payment plan so that I can pay off {previous rent/late fees/eviction charges} over the next few {amount of time}. I hope you agree that this new solution will remove the necessity of eviction.

Thank you for your consideration.


{Sender Name}

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