Hardship Letter Examples

   Hardship Letter for Small Business

My name is {Name} and I am the {position title} for {Company Name}. On behalf of our company, I would like to request a {modification/reduction/extension} on our {type of loan} loan due to extreme hardship.

{Company Name} is a small business providing {service/product} to the {area} area. In the past, we have always strictly followed the conditions of our loan, because we were averaging an income of {amount} with a customer base of roughly {amount}. However, as of {date} we have experienced an unforeseen problem due to {cause of problem}. {Brief description of problem, and why it could not properly be prepared for}.

Because this problem was unforeseen, it has caused {effects} throughout the company. We firmly believe that this is a temporary issue, and have employed {a new marketing strategy/budget cuts/layoffs/a new product/etc.} to recoup our losses. {Brief description of strategy}.

I am confident that we will have reestablished our previous numbers no later than {date}. Therefore, I am requesting that our loan be modified to {modified plan} until {date}. We will then {reimbursement/modification strategy}.

Please peruse the attached documents concerning our financial straits and contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you kindly for your consideration.

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