Hardship Letter Examples

   Hardship Letter for Job Transfer

I would like to respectfully request a job transfer to {Location} on the basis of extreme hardship.

I have been a {position title} here at {Company Name} for {number} years and I greatly enjoy the work that I do. I find this company to be innovative and extremely supportive. I hope that you can understand that I need to be at {Location} in order to {care for a relative/see my child/provide for my family/etc.}

{Brief description of exact situation}. If I am able to transfer to {Location}, I will not be forced to {find a new job/foreclose/go bankrupt/acquire large unnecessary expense}. I hope to avoid that situation at all costs.

I have no intent of being any kind of burden to this company, but I must ask for assistance at this difficult juncture in my life. I am grateful for your consideration and understanding.

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