Hardship Letter Examples

   Hardship Letter for Housing Exemption

To Whom It May Concern:

I'm sorry to ask for an exemption from your University housing requirement. However, although I do not meet every condition for an exemption, I would like my severe financial hardship to be taken into account.

Your current prerequisites for housing exemptions are as follows: {list the prerequisites}. At this time, I meet the following prerequisite(s): {e.g. My parent's house is within 25 miles of the University, I have taken at least 2 credits of college courses before, I am over 21 years old}. Attached is the necessary documentation proving that I meet these requirements.

However, I currently do not meet the following prerequisite(s): {list the prerequisites}. While I understand that these rules are in place for a reason, I hope you will understand that I cannot hope to make up the price differential caused by living in the dorms rather than my parents' house. I am currently receiving {amount} in scholarships from the {Name of Scholarships}. I have also been granted financial aid from FAFSA in the amount of {amount} per year. The out-of-pocket expense to me and my family is {amount} per year, just for school, fees and books. My parents make {amount} per year, I have {amount} saved up for college and I contribute an additional {amount} per year from my job at {job}.

I think you can see that we are already struggling to meet the expenses accrued through my schooling alone. I could currently live at home for no additional expense, with groceries costing me about {amount} per week. However, if I were to live in the University's housing, I would be required to purchase a package that would cost me at least {amount} per month for room and board and {amount} per month for a food plan.

I simply cannot meet these financial requirements. I would have to withdraw from the University instead, which I really do not want to do. It has always been my dream to attend {University Name} and I hope you can help me arrange a situation that is amenable to both of us.


{Sender Name}

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