Hardship Letter Examples

   Hardship Letter for Camp

Dear {Name},

I am writing this letter to request a grant or a reduced fee for my {son/daughter}, {Name} to attend your camp from {date} to {date}. I make this request because my family is currently enduring severe financial hardship.

{Name} is a model {scout/follower/leader/etc.} and has wanted to attend {type} camp since {he/she} was {age}. {He/She} has always worked hard to earn the things {he/she} wanted, including doing {chore/job} in order to buy {item}. {He/She} knows the value of money and hard work as well as civic duty, as {he/she} is an active participant in {church activity/community service/extracurricular activity}.

I am very proud of my {son/daughter}, and I want {him/her} to see that such hard work can be used at the {camp} as both a reward and a further lesson on responsibility. However, I am {recently unemployed/a single parent/a student} and I have recently {had my hours cut back/had a medical crisis/incurred a necessary expense}, as you can see in the documents attached. Therefore, I am unable to meet the full cost for the camp.

Please consider me for the {Name} Grant or help me come up with a payment plan that could work with my financial situation. Thank you for your consideration.


{Sender Name}

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