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Dear Scholarship Committee:

I watched with great interest the preview of the Inroads to Social Justice webinar. I can tell that this is a life-changing training program.

I would very much like to be considered for a scholarship to participate in the complete, 10-part webinar. Despite my great desire to complete the course at my own expense, I am a full-time student and single parent with limited financial resources. If I am fortunate enough to qualify for a discounted rate, based on the suggested sliding scale, I can afford $5 per week, or $50 total for the Inroads to Social Justice webinar series.

I would use the online training program as an opportunity to grow personally, but beyond that I fully intend to be accountable and take what I've learned out into the community, making a difference by helping to organize and mobilize others toward collective action.

I have read all the assigned readings mentioned in the preview, and as I mentally and emotionally process the issues therein, I become even more committed to be an effective ally for justice.

I want my daughter to grown up in a better world. Regardless of whether or not I am fortunate enough to be awarded a scholarship, I will not sit on the sidelines of this important struggle for justice and human dignity.

Thank you,

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