Hardship Letter Examples

   Hardship Letter Work Schedule

Due to severe {emotional/academic/financial} hardship, I would like to formally request a cancellation and reversal of my work schedule transfer.

I understand that the shifts were arranged in this new way for convenience and efficiency within the company, and I support the business reasons for the change. However, if the schedule transfer takes place, I will no longer {have care for my child/have access to transportation/be able to attend classes, etc.}.

{Brief description of current situation}. If my schedule changes, I will no longer be able to meet my financial and familial needs. If that's the case, I will eventually need to {find a new job/foreclose/declare bankruptcy}.

I hope to avoid such dire straits. I understand that I am asking for special treatment and I do not wish to be an inconvenience. I hope that I have made it clear, however, that my situation becomes extremely difficult if the proposed changes take effect.

Please consider my circumstances and let me know if there is a time that we could meet and discuss the situation. Thank you for your understanding concerning this matter.

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