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Dear Financial Committee:

Please consider our two children for one of your generous scholarships. This coming school year, our daughter Jane will be in fourth grade and our son Christopher is headed into second grade.

Our family is in need of financial aid as the tuition is currently beyond our means. Two years ago, John was injured in an industrial accident and remains unable to return to work. Our medical expenses continue to mount, far beyond any compensation we may eventually receive. We have taken measures including: cancelling a family vacation, selling personal items, Christie taking on a second part-time job, and pulling Jane and Christopher out of all fee-based extracurricular activities. Still, our resources fall short.

Enclosed please find personal recommendations and a recommendation from our pastor in addition to this situational letter and the application fee. We've submitted our tax returns and W-2s via the tuition management software online. Our entire family attends church regularly and is thus in compliance in that regard.

In Christ,

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