Hardship Letter Examples

   Hardship Letter Reasonable Accommodation

Due to the hardship caused by my {permanent/temporary} disability, I would like to request {an interpreter/an assistant/reassignment/a modified job site/modified duties}. I write this letter as a request for Reasonable Accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

On {date}, {description of event that caused disability, or description of disability when hired}. Unfortunately, my disability keeps me from being able to adequately perform the work required at my job without {accommodation}. At this time, I am unable to meet my job requirements because {description of restrictions caused by disability}. If I were to receive {accommodation}, {projected result}.

The Reasonable Accommodation Act ensures that I receive necessary accommodations, provided that it does not cause undue hardship on {Company Name}. I believe that since it would require {projected effort/cost} and would not compromise safety, interrupt workflow, or inconvenience other workers, this request falls within those parameters. I am a hard worker and with minimal accommodation I can perform my duties to their full extent.

Thank you for your consideration and understanding in this matter.

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