Hardship Letter Examples

   Hardship Letter Property Repairs

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to explain the unfortunate circumstances that will soon cause me to become delinquent on my payments and to request help as I try to {consolidate my loan, avoid foreclosure, restructure a payment plan, delay payment, request debt forgiveness} for {my mortgage, my personal loan, car loan, credit card bill, medical bill etc.}.

I have owned the house on {address} since {date}, and during that time maintenance and repairs have run me no more than {amount} per month. However, on {date}, {description of problem/disaster/discovery}.

In order to repair and replace everything that is damaged, I will need to invest a further {amount} into the maintenance on this property before {date}. That is beyond my current financial capabilities and I have other necessary expenses (see attached.)

{If this is for a mortgage, specify whether you'd like to stay in your home, or whether the home is up for sale already. For any other loan, come up with some sort of plan for repayment, such as lower payments each month, a lower interest rate, etc., and suggest it here.}

I am hoping that we can work out some sort of solution as quickly as possible. Please contact me immediately so that we can begin this process.


{Sender Name}

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