Hardship Letter Examples

   Prison Transfer Hardship Letter

I am writing to request a hardship transfer for my {family member} from {his/her} current facility. {Name} is presently in {facility}, which is {number} miles away from my home. I have recently been diagnosed with {medical} condition and can no longer travel that distance to see my {family member}, so I hope {he/she} can move closer to me.

{Name} has been an inmate at {place} for the required {number} months and has a clean record of good behavior. It is so important for my {children, in-laws, etc} to see their {parent, child, sibling, etc.}. However, up until now I have been the only one who could drive the distance, and now that ability is beyond me. I was diagnosed with {condition} on {date} and I find myself severely limited. I am attaching a letter from my doctor outlining my medical condition and the restrictions it puts upon me.

This has already been a very trying, difficult time. I love my {family member} and the thought of no longer being able to see {him/her} frequently is heartbreaking to me. I sincerely hope that you will understand the hardships that we as a family have gone through and grant this transfer request. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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