Hardship Letter Examples

   Hardship Letter Parole in Place

I would like to request a Parole in Place (PIP) adjustment to my eligibility status as a resident of the United States of America. I request this because my {family member} is a member of the military and my current status does not allow for {accommodation}.

I came to the United States on {date} without inspection and have neither an eligible visa petition nor a labor certification. I have {current documents, status, circumstances, etc.}.

My {relation}'s name is {Rank Name} of the {Outfit}, {Military Branch}. {He/she} is on active duty as of {date} and {details of location, responsibilities, deployment length, tour information}. It is my honor and duty to support {Name} while {he/she} risks {his/her} life and limb for this country, and the problem of my {status} status has only added to {his/her} stress.

The constant worry and the possibility of being deported has caused undue hardship within my family. I am worried that it will affect {Name}'s readiness and morale while {he/she} is deployed. I am also needed here for {duties while relation is deployed}.

Please consider my application and the circumstances that have brought me here. Thank you for your time.

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