Hardship Letter Examples

   Hardship Letter Overpaid Unemployment

I am writing this hardship letter in addition to a formal waiver to request that my overpaid unemployment be forgiven. I owe {amount} due to an error in the system and through no fault of my own. Without the money I have already collected I will be forced to {dire consequence.}

I lost my job on {date} and began collecting unemployment on {date}. As you can see by {document or reference}, I began actively seeking another job on {date}. I have also had a lot of my time dedicated to {family illness, disability, etc.}. As you can see in {document or receipt}, the checks were never tampered with, nor did I receive them under false pretenses. I did not request more than what I believed was a fair and approved amount. If you refer to {reference}, {he/she} will inform you that I inquired about the proper procedures.

Since I did not know I was being overpaid, I was similarly unaware that I would owe {amount} now. I do not have that much money. Attached is a worksheet of how my unemployment paychecks were divided up amongst necessary bills. The disposable income left is {amount} and cannot possibly meet this new debt.

I think you will agree if you review my documents that I have used the money allotted to me in a responsible and necessary manner. I hope that you can help me solve this problem so that I am not forced to file for bankruptcy.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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