Hardship Letter Examples

   Hardship Letter Military Discharge

I am writing this hardship letter as a formal request for a military discharge. I understand the parameters for such a request and believe that my situation requires that I return home to care for my family.

My hardship is both severe and constant. {Describe, in detail, the situation. Sick family/Disabled partner/Widowed parent, etc.} The situation has worsened during my time in the military and I do not foresee a way that it will get better. My family is currently facing {medical bills, funeral expenses, foreclosure}, which are expenses that they cannot meet.

Only I am capable of assisting my loved ones in this time of need. My {family members} are without {support structure}. Attached is a report of their yearly income without me. I have also included a worksheet illustrating the way money is insufficiently divided among essential expenses.

I have made the following attempts to rectify the situation, with no results: {Detailed list of tried and failed methods}. I have also reached out to the following people for help: {List of people}. None of them are able, and I have included a letter from {at least two authority figures, friends or community members} stating that my situation is severe and beyond their assistance. I believe that I am the only one who can help my family, and that I can only do it by returning home.

By returning home, I will be able to help my family in the following ways: {specific financial budget plan}. I have an {interview, job, job offer} lined up with {company} where I will make {monetary amount} per {time period}.

Attached are letters from my family members that illustrate their current hardships, along with their names, ages and necessary expenses. I am also attaching the {death certificate, illness diagnosis, hospital bills, etc.} to prove the severity of my situation.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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