Hardship Letter Examples

   Hardship Letter Laid Off

In order to preempt {delinquency/foreclosure/bankruptcy/etc.}, I would like to request a {loan modification/short sale/reduction/etc.} due to the severe financial hardship following a layoff.

On {date}, I was laid off as a {position} at {Company}, where I had worked {full/part time} for {number of months/years}. This was unexpected for the company and not part of normal seasonal layoffs. I have attached the layoff slip so that you can see that my unemployment was due in no way to my work or behavior.

Since that time, I have been unable to find steady work. As such, I am failing to meet necessary expenses and I am concerned that I will soon fall behind on essential payments. My savings account and expense reports are attached to prove the dire nature of my situation.

I would like to request {detailed request/plan concerning loan/mortgage}. I have {steps taken to acquire new job} and I am confident that once I have a steady source of income, I will be able to return to our previous agreement.

Thank you for your consideration. Please contact me at your earliest convenience so we can discuss this matter.

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