Hardship Letter Examples

   Jury Duty Hardship Letter

I am writing to request an excusal for jury duty for {date}. While I understand the need and importance of this responsibility, I ask for the excusal due to extreme financial hardship that would only be exacerbated by this situation.

I have been struggling to find employment for the last few years due to {layoffs, disability, taking care of child}. I have recently been hired at in a stable position. If it works out I will be able to {pay my mortgage, pay off debt, etc.} but if not I may lose my car or even my house.

My new employers have stated unequivocally that I am required to be at work on that day, as I am the only person qualified to perform {duties}. They will not pay me my wages if I am at jury duty, and as I mentioned before, I am already on the brink of bankruptcy. I am working hard to rebuild my life, but my situation is still tenuous at this point.

I am attaching financial stubs, bank statements and an affidavit from my employer for your perusal.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

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