Hardship Letter Examples

   Hardship Letter Inability to Rent Property

I am the {landlord/property owner/cosigner} for the property at {address}. I would like to request a short sale for the building, since I am unable to rent the property to the required number of tenants.

My current {loan/mortgage} conditions require that I rent at least {number} of the {number} rooms for {monetary amount} each. However, at this time I have only been able to rent {number} rooms, and as such I am close to delinquency on my payments.

I have taken steps to make the building accessible, visible, and attractive by {steps taken}. I have advertised in {media} and made {modifications/repairs/upgrades}. However, at this time {possible reason for lack of tenants}.

I have put {monetary amount} of my own money into this building and I am perilously close to {bankruptcy/foreclosure/etc.}. I would like to request short sale in order to avoid that expense and aggravation.

Thank you for your understanding concerning this matter. I am grateful for your consideration.

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