Hardship Letter Examples

   Hardship Letter Green Card

I know that hundreds of people every year write hardship letters requesting assistance in getting or keeping their permanent residence cards. I understand that most of them are denied, but I must write this anyway, because when it comes to keeping my family together, there is nothing that I will not try.

My green card was {denied/revoked} on {date} due to {reason}. I will not contest the judgment behind the action, but I must beg for a re-evaluation. My {wife/husband} is a citizen here and my children, {Names and ages} were born in {City}, {State}. This is the only home they have ever known and they would be devastated to be torn from their schools, their friends and {other activities}. I have included letters from their {teachers, coaches, etc.} enumerating the reasons that their current environment is the healthiest place for their education and development.

If I uprooted my family and moved back to {country of origin}, I believe that we would be reduced to poverty. I am qualified for {job field} here in this country, but in {country of origin} there are no opportunities for me. I have attached a report on my country's economic conditions, as well as the incidents of {violence, bigotry, anything that negatively affects your family}.

If I left my family and returned to {country of origin} alone then their financial situation would quickly become dire. My {husband/wife} earns {average income} a year and cannot hope to keep up payments on {mortgage, medical bills, etc.} without my help. Furthermore, my {parent, spouse, child} suffers from {medical illness} that requires not only money, but constant care and supervision. I provide that, as well as comfort, support and {list of specific, detailed duties}. I have attached a letter from {his/her} doctor illustrating the importance of my role as a provider.

Please do not separate me from my family. They need me for shelter, food and medical care, true, but the most important reason is deeper than that. They are my life. They are the reason I have worked to make a home and a career in this country. They deserve the best education and opportunities that only this country can provide. I do not want to uproot them and it would be devastating to try to live without them.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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