Hardship Letter Examples

   Hardship Letter Due to Temporary Disability

Dear {Name}:

This hardship letter is my official request for leniency concerning my {principal/loan/mortgage}. I have been on short-term disability since {date} and it has meant that I am falling behind in my payments with no foreseeable way to make up the difference in the next {amount of time-specific as possible}.

I was one of the first employees hired at {Location} back in {year}. For many years I consistently worked well over {number} hours a week, until I was injured while working in the {Specific Location} doing {specific activity} on {date}. The closure of my workers' compensation claim resulted in the Qualified Medical Examiner limiting me to {number} periods of {activity} in a {amount of time} period, and also restricting my ability to {activity}.

This is a temporary disability, but while I am disabled I can no longer work the {amount} hours required to meet the {benefit(s)} requirement. While my hospital bills were covered by the company, I can no longer make the {number} hours overtime that were required for me to be able to meet my {debt payment/mortgage, etc.}

The doctor's note attached confirms that I will be on disability until at least {projected date} and that I cannot work more than {number} hours until that time. Since I am paid an hourly rate of {amount} per hour, I hope you can see that I will be unable to meet my payments until I am (literally!) back on my feet.

I would like to discuss with you the possibility of postponing my payments until my disability situation has resolved itself. Please contact me as soon as possible.


{Sender Name}

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