Hardship Letter Examples

   Hardship Letter Due to Incarceration

I am writing this letter to request a {loan modification/reduction/forgiveness} due to severe financial hardship beyond my control. My {relation} was incarcerated on {date} and that has drastically cut the amount of money I have to spend on essential payments for {food/school/children/car payments}.

My {relation} was responsible for {amount} every month. Now that {he/she} is in prison, I am left providing for our {number} children and making payments on my own. At {monetary amount} per month, I am suddenly unable to meet demands. I have always made payments on time and the long-term plan was livable until this unforeseen roadblock.

I hope that you will consider {brief description of payment plan proposal}. I need to keep my car, as my {relation}'s prison is more than {miles} from my house. I also need to keep my house, since I am trying to maintain a stable environment for my children.

Please contact me soon so that we can discuss this further. Thank you for your consideration.

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