Hardship Letter Examples

   Hardship Letter Due to Illness

Due to severe financial hardship beyond my control, I would like to request a {loan modification/reduction/forgiveness}. After contracting {illness} I have been unable to work and therefore unable to meet payment demands.

I was diagnosed with {illness} on {date} (see Doctor Statement, attached.) I was specifically instructed to refrain from {specific actions} for {amount of time} in order to recover my health and keep from having a relapse. Because of these restrictions, I have been unable to resume my job as a {position} since {date}.

Since being forced to leave my job, I have taken on a position as a {position}, but this has caused my income to fall from {amount} to {amount}. With such a wage reduction, I am unable to meet my current financial needs.

I hope that you will consider {brief description of payment plan proposal}. Please contact me soon using the contact information listed above. Thank you for your consideration.

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