Hardship Letter Examples

   Hardship Letter Due to Fraud

I am writing to try to {consolidate my loan, avoid foreclosure, restructure a payment plan, delay payment, request debt forgiveness} for {my mortgage, my personal loan, car loan, credit card bill, medical bill etc.}. I make this request due to extreme financial hardship caused by identity fraud.

On {date}, my identity was stolen and I became the victim of fraud. I took all the necessary precautions to protect my identity. However, the thief {description of how fraud happened}. Over the course of {amount of time}, the thief stole {amount of money} in {assets/purchases/etc.} and {was/was not} caught.

Due to {reason}, I have only been reimbursed for {monetary amount} by my bank. I must recover the rest of it on my own. Unfortunately, my current income is being used to cover {necessary expenses} and with these unforeseen circumstances, I am in danger of {foreclosure/delinquency/bankruptcy}.

I would be grateful for the opportunity to {description of requested modification/forgiveness plan}. I plan to deal with this crisis by {steps to rebuild finances} and to be fully recovered by {projected date}. Until then, however, I am sincerely hoping to avoid further financial burden.

Thank you for your consideration. I appreciate any help you can provide in this matter.

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