Hardship Letter Examples

   Hardship Letter Due to Addiction

I would like to request a {loan modification/debt forgiveness/principal reduction} due to financial adversity. I have recently discovered all of the ways that addiction can ruin a life, but in addition to putting severe hardship on my work and family life, it has put an especially difficult strain on my finances.

From {date} to {date} I was addicted to {substance}, which took more than {amount} of money from my finances. I have recently pulled my life together and have entered {rehabilitation/AA/therapy} to deal with my addiction. Unfortunately, this continues to take money away from my {mortgage/loan/debts/etc.}.

I would like to propose a modified payment plan while I get back on my feet. I really need to keep my {house/car/etc.} in order to {essential action} so I request {brief description of payment plan}. I am working hard to rebuild my life and I would appreciate your help in trying to meet my payments.

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