Hardship Letter Examples

   Hardship Letter Death of Borrower

I am writing this letter to request a modification of my {house/car/etc.} loan. The current plan has become an extreme hardship since my co-borrower, {Name} passed away.

{Name}, my {relation}, passed away on {date} quite suddenly, leaving me with {responsibilities}. {He/she} was the {borrower/co-borrower} in our contract with your agency. {He/she} provided {monetary amount} toward the loan, as well as {monetary amount} to our {family/business/etc.}, whereas I provided {monetary amount} toward the loan and {monetary amount} to our {family/business/etc.}

After the selling and distribution of {Name}'s estate, I have a loan plan in mind that I will be able to meet without having to resort to foreclosure. {Loan plan}. You will find {financial documents} attached, outlining my expenses and the financial situation this death has caused.

{Name}'s death has been a tremendous blow in many ways, but I am hoping that we can work together to create a modified plan very soon. Thank you for your consideration.

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