Hardship Letter Examples

   Crisis Grant Hardship Letter

I am writing to request a crisis grant. I have never spent money unwisely, nor bought outside of my means. Normally I am able to juggle my mortgage, utilities, food and child provision without issue. However, quite abruptly, I {fell ill and got a lot of medical bills, had a death in the family, got laid off, etc.} on {date}.

Specifically, since {event} I find myself unable to pay {specific list of bills, fees, etc.}. I hope that you see that these are necessities for me and my family to simply get by. Any support or aid that you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

I would also like to assure you that in no way am I attempting to simply be a charity case. I am working hard to get back on my feet, doing {specific outline of how you are attempting to reacquire financial security}. With the grant to tide me over, I believe I can be financially secure again by {projected date}.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I am attaching {relevant documents} for your perusal. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

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