Hardship Letter Examples

   Hardship Letter Court

I am due to appear in court for a {offense} infraction. I am concerned that {my license will be revoked, I will serve time, I will be given community service, etc.}. I am writing this as a hardship letter in a request for leniency.

Currently, I am the only person working in my family. I have {a spouse, children, parents, etc.} relying on me for my income. In order to keep my job I need {my car, extra time, etc.}. I am trying very hard to support the people who depend on me, and to keep my life moving in a positive direction.

I am not denying that I made a mistake. The day of my infraction, {specific circumstances that contributed to the offense.} I am sorry for my loss of control and understand that I owe society in future repayment. However, I am still struggling to repay my family for the care and kindness they have showed me. I am including {number} character references that will refer to my honesty and responsibility.

If it is possible, please consider deferment or excusal when considering my case, as my family needs my support.

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