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Dear Foundation Committee:

I have been {name's} sixth grade teacher for several months now and can confidently attest that he is of strong character, positive attitude, and all-around a wonderful young man and a pleasure to have in class. Unfortunately, I can also confirm that, despite ongoing intervention from school staff, {name} has been teased about the condition of his teeth. Students have referred to him as "Snaggletooth" as well as "Fang." {Name} has met all cruel and ignorant comments with grace and aplomb, but I can see how deeply it hurts him. This is not a life lesson I want to see a child learn, especially when it relates to a correctible condition. He is a happy boy and should be able to smile with confidence!

While {name} is bright and curious, he is also compliant and respectful. There is no doubt in my mind that he would follow any treatment plan prescribed and would be dedicated to proper dental care while wearing the braces, retainers, or other gear. I also have had the pleasure of meeting {name}'s parents and I know that they are able and committed to getting him to appointments on time and ensuring that he has the needed supplies for dental care.

Due to privacy laws, I cannot personally attest to the family's financial condition, but {name} and {name} related to me that their income falls well below the threshold to qualify for the Foundation's braces program and that they will submit tax returns and pay stubs along with their application.

Thank you,

{Sender Name}

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