Hardship Letter Examples

   Hardship Letter After Foreclosure

I am writing this hardship letter to request that the waiting period between conventional mortgage loans be reduced in my case. The foreclosure on my previous house was due to a number of extenuating circumstances beyond my control, and I foresee no such difficulty in my new situation.

I was forced to foreclose on my former residence because of {job loss, illness, family death, be specific}. Because this sudden change caused a devastating {monetary amount} loss to my income, I could no longer pay my mortgage. Foreclosure was the only option for my situation. I have attached {documents} as a testament to my honesty. My financial detriment had nothing to do with overspending or irresponsible purchases.

Since my foreclosure, however, I have regained my credit through {getting a new job, paying off bills, etc. Be specific}. I have attached my last two credit card bills, a copy of my credit report, and last year's federal income tax return to prove my present situation. I am financially stable and able to easily cover mortgage payments. I would like to take advantage of the current housing climate, but I cannot get a loan for another {number} years.

Please contact me at the aforementioned number at your earliest convenience. I am asking that the loan waiting period be reduced from the traditional 4 to 7 years to {number} years. I look forward to speaking with you regarding this matter.

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