Hardship Letter Examples

   Hardship Letter Admission Fee

{Your Name}
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To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to request the waiver of my admission fee for {event/organization}. As you can see from my attached {transcript/resume}, I have worked diligently in order to be considered for this program. With a {GPA} and a proven track record in {event/sport}, I felt that my acceptance proved that it's possible to succeed from application and hard work.

I would hate to have this incredible opportunity go to waste based on financial difficulties. I have attached my bank statements, payment stubs, and financial budget as evidence that this admission fee is not something I am capable of meeting at this time. I would appreciate any help you can offer, as being a part of {event/organization} has long been one of my goals and dreams.

Thank you,

{Sender Name}

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